Arthur Lescher

Esculturas no Parque da Luz
The Parque da Luz, also known as Jardim da Luz, has an area of approximately 113.000 square meters. It...
01 Jan 2015 - 01 Dec 2020
São Paulo
TRIO Bienal: Reflexões sobre o Reflexo – Dinâmicas do Cinetismo no Tridimensional
This exhibition that integrates TRIO Bienal explores mirroring effects and opacities issues in the three-dimensional...
11 Sep 2015 - 26 Nov 2015
Museu Nacional de Belas Artes
Rio de Janeiro
W.W.W. – What Walls Want
During the 16th International Architecture Exhibition Marignana Arte presents a new exhibition titled...
23 May 2018 - 15 Sep 2018
Marignana Arte
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