Esculturas no Parque da Luz, 01 Jan 2015 — 01 Dec 2020

Esculturas no Parque da Luz

The Parque da Luz, also known as Jardim da Luz, has an area of approximately 113.000 square meters. It was created as a botanical garden by a Royal Order of the Portuguese Crown in 1788, and was open to the public in 1825 during the Empire, becoming the first leisure space for the population of São Paulo. In 1981, the park was listed as historical heritage and since the year 2000 it houses 50 sculptures from the collection of the Pinacoteca do Estado. Among the presented artists are Victor Brecheret (1894 – 1955, Brazil), León Ferrari (1920 – 2013, Argentina), Amilcar de Castro (1920 – 2002, Brazil), José Resende (b. 1945, São Paulo), and others.

Most of the sculptures are modern or contemporary works. Neoclassicism is represented by Giuseppe Garibaldi’s bronze herm, by Emílio Gallori (1846 –1924, Italy), inaugurated in 1910 as a public monument in the Jardim da Luz. Among remarkable modern and contemporary works, we can mention Amilcar de Castro’s “Cavalo”, acquired by the museum in 1976; “Fita Vermelha”, from 1985, by Franz Weissmann (1911, Austria – 2005, Brazil); “Três jovens” (1939), by Lasar Segall (1891, Lithuania – 1957, Brazil); “Searching for light” (1940), by Maria Martins (1894 – 1973, Brazil), and “Craca” (1995), by Nuno Ramos (b. 1960, São Paulo), made with cast aluminum and animal fossil.

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