Denise Milan

Born in São Paulo, 1954 and lives in São Paulo, Brazil

Denise Milan is a sculptor and artist with a large multidisciplinary background. Her works have been exhibited in several renowned institutions. In São Paulo, she participated in the International Biennial, Museum of Modern Art (MASP), Gallery São Paulo and Gallery Nara Roesler, among others. In London, her work was shown at the Barbican Center; In New York at P.S.1 and Art in General; in Hannover at the EXPO 2000; in Osaka at the EXPO 90; in Hakone at the Open-Air Museum; in Chicago at the Cultural Center, at the Museum of the Contemporary and the Arts Institute; in Paris at the Galerie D’Architecture; in Assis at the Palazzo del Monte Frumentario; in Washington D.C, at the Wilson Center.
She is one of the leaders for the Public Art movement in Brazil and an active member both domestically and internationally. She created and directed the Opera of Stones, a contemporary Opera and the art education project Engage Earth.

TRIO Bienal: Transversalidades das Identidades Tropicais
Transversalidades das Identidades Tropicais [Transversals of Tropical Identities], part of the TRIO Bienal,...
12 Sep 2015 - 26 Nov 2015
Museu Histórico Nacional
Denise Milan: ConCentração
There are infinite elements of nature that have a center, a core. Few, however, are those which have...
04 Oct 2016 - 23 Dec 2016
Galeria Lume
Denise Milan: orDeNAção, DNA da Pedra (Ordination | Stone’s DNA)
The exhibition is the second solo show by the artist Denise Milan at Galeria Lume and appears as a continuation...
04 Sep 2018 - 03 Nov 2018
Galeria Lume
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