Andrea Sala

Born in Como, 1976 and lives in Milan

Born in Como in 1976, Andrea Sala lives in Milan, where he received his diploma from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. He imagines new environments and worlds by mixing present and future images, oscillating between reality, fiction and imagination. He gives special attention to the forms of design and architecture, questioning the materials that constitute them and their formal values. Taking his inspiration from design objects, Andrea Sala appropriates and transforms already existing forms, finding new potentialities and reshaping them into new aspects and contexts.

Diego Perrone, Andrea Sala: Unghia
Unghia is the result of collaboration between Diego Perrone and Andrea Sala. The project stems from the...
01 Apr 2016 - 30 Apr 2016
Open to Art. Ceramic Award
The exhibition includes the works of the finalists to the third edition of “Open to Art”,...
13 Feb 2019 - 18 Apr 2019
The group exhibition “”, at Federica Schiavo Gallery, Milan, gathers artists who...
21 Mar 2019 - 11 May 2019
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