Diego Perrone, Andrea Sala: Unghia, 01 Apr 2016 — 30 Apr 2016

Diego Perrone, Andrea Sala: Unghia

Mega, Piazza Vetra, 21, 20123, Milan, Italy

Unghia is the result of collaboration between Diego Perrone and Andrea Sala. The project stems from the desire of the two artists to confront a discipline far from their usual sculptural practice: photography, etymologically speaking skills as the drawing by means of light.

Over the past six months, Perrone and Sala are meeting in dark rooms constructed and fitted by themselves. Here they got familiar with the chemical processes of photographic development, testing it in freehand drawing on a range of sensitive substrates by means of a small source of electric light, also built by hand, thereby transforming the process into the subject of the representation, the two artists have come and gone in outlining only apparently abstract forms, which, however, allude precisely to the assumptions underlying their recent research: the survey on writing skills, observation technique, the error as the experience category.

The project of “Unghia” is realized for the first time in an exhibition designed precisely for the new MEGA space, but is intended to not be exhausted in this form and to continue in time through further experimentation in terms of formats, contexts, approaches, and especially collaborations with photographer-like Delfino Sisto Legnani, that marks this first and inaugural exhibition.

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Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Mon, Sat, Sun
M: info@megamegamega.it

Mega, Piazza Vetra, 21, 20123, Milan, Italy

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