Samara Scott was born in London in 1984, where she lives and works.
Scott approaches her work from a highly contemporary consumers perspective, devouring information, stimulation and references in a wanton manner and operating them with a liquidity and absent mindedness that recalls pop arts’ emergence in 50’s. Through employing painterly genre in a thematic way the work chooses juicy effects and bruised saturation over craft – absolutely embracing paintings’ fear of becoming décor.
Selected exhibitions include Cd0xdsspi, Rowing Projects, London (2013); Poems, Almanac, London (2013); Cascading Style Sheets, Peckham Palazzo, Venice Biennale (2013); Duty Free, Arkasşirket Foundation, Istanbul, (2012); Young London,V22, London (2012); Samara Scott & Marianne Spurr, Seventeen Gallery, London (2012); Seriously Connected Old Grey Hair, Christopher Crescent at HD: Projects, New York (2012); Four Seasons, Arts&Jobs, London (2012); The Response, The Sunday Painter, London (2012).

The Moving Museum in London: Open Heart Surgery
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12 Oct 2013 - 15 Nov 2013
180, The Strand
I Was Once Lonelyness
I Was Once Lonelyness is a group exhibition that looks at how today’s artists are utilising differing...
21 Nov 2015 - 23 Jan 2016
Assorted Paper
The Sunday Painter presents “Assorted Paper”, a group exhibition featuring the work of eight...
31 Mar 2017 - 13 May 2017
The Sunday Painter
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