Madrid - Exhibition

Eco-Visionaries: Art for a planet in a state of emergency

Matadero Madrid

14 Jun 201906 Oct 2019

A joint project across four institutions—MAAT (Lisbon), Bildmuseet (Umeå), HeK (Basel) and LABoral (Gijón), in collaboration with Royal Academy(London)—Eco-Visionaries has a new presentation at Matadero Madrid, with an expanded selection of projects and artworks that highlight the future of interspecies relationships.

Curated by Pedro Gadanho, Mariana Pestana and the Matadero Madrid team (Rosa Ferré/Ana Ara), Eco-Visionarios is structured into four themed sections: Disaster, Extinction, Co-existence and Adaptation, examining the theoretical framework of the Anthropocene, a concept used by some in the scientific community for this new geological era we live in, and a term that makes reference to its defining characteristic: the responsibility borne by humans as the agents of environmental change on a planetwide scale.

  • Eva Papamargariti, Precarious Inhabitants, 2017. Courtesy of the artist.Eva Papamargariti, Precarious Inhabitants, 2017. Courtesy of the artist.


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