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Espejo negro, elefante blanco

El Cuarto de Máquinas

25 Mar 201720 May 2017

Artists participating in “Espejo negro, blanco elefante” question the supposed legacy of modernism and examine how it has been inherited in the contexts in which they perform, mainly in Latin America.
Contrary to the artists who inquire into similar matters through undertaking archival research, taking an interest in the great stories and figures that make up modernism, the works gathered in this exhibition happen from the encounter with forms and objects that mostly exist inside Of everyday contexts and domestic situations. Through various techniques, several of which are outside the arts education and closer to the popular arts, the works exhibited reveal the latent tension between high and low culture, between fine arts and crafts, between design and ornament.
In broad terms, the practices of these artists are concerned with the translation and assimilation of different cultures and stories, forced to express themselves in a language that is supposed to be universal.

  • Espejo negro, elefante blanco, Exhibition view, 2017Espejo negro, elefante blanco, Exhibition view, 2017

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