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José Dávila: Mecánica de lo inestable


06 Feb 201824 Mar 2018

The show presents two recent groups of sculptural works by Jose Dávila. The title of the exhibition works as a haiku, demonstrating the conflictive relationship between juxtaposed systems. Dávila claims that a moving structure maintains a sense of order in what seems unstable but still belongs to the realm of chaos.

On display in the gallery’s main space, three sculptures consisting of metal beams, rocks and a sphere are balanced by a series of weights, sustained by points of tension. The metal beams form diagonals, which, by the movement of the spectator in the exhibition space, can suddenly present new and often dramatic angles and perspectives. This spatial composition has an even more complex effect: the loss of orientation. In other words, it is uncertain if the sculptures are intentional or random in their placement; they seem to emerge from the floor reaching toward the ceiling and viceversa.

  • José Davila, The act of perseverance, 2018. © Agustín Arce. Courtesy of the artist and OMR galleryJosé Davila, The act of perseverance, 2018. © Agustín Arce. Courtesy of the artist and OMR gallery

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Jose Dávila

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Destination: Mexico City
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