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Strange Messengers

Peres Projects

14 Sep 201826 Oct 2018

Strange Messengers presents strategies and reflections on navigating contemporary life with works by seven contemporary artists, who try to interpret the unstable semiotics of contemporary life

The messages they deliver through their pieces are often non-verbal and  obscure, resisting categorization and slipping out from an often violent, patriarchic gaze. Significative of this uncertain status is the representation of the body in all of these artists’ work, which becomes a crucial reflection of the denudation not only of attire, but also of movements, expressions and societal conventions. The works in this exhibition function both as objects and signifiers delivered by the artists and become the attempt to build production better spaces and futures. The catalyst of the exhibition is the work of the artist Dorothy Iannone, with her representation of women’s refusal of shame.

  • Dorothy Iannone, Dorothy Iannone, "Sunny Days and Sweetness" Exhibition View at Peres Projects, 2012, Courtesy of the gallery

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Manual Solano, Mexico City, 1987, Mexico, Courtesy of the artist.

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