The two artists have worked together since 1999. They express themselves through the language of video, in different forms such as performance, theater, installation, photography and recently cinema. In Italy they are recognized among the most important video artists and innovators in the field of contemporary art. Thanks to their unique feature of re-union of different arts the multiplicity of languages becomes a single chorus.

Nicolò and Jacopo began working together in 1999 as MASBEDO, focusing on video art and installations. Their artistic research has focused on the theme of incommunicability both on a personal level, between couples, and on a larger scale, highlighting the paradox of our communication society.  This has led them to produce very intimate pieces alongside work with a greater anthropological, social, and political feel.
MASBEDO’s aesthetic approach is pictorial. They strive to engage their audience by using the moving image as an immersive installation. The work is a synthesis of theatre, performance, architecture, and video.
In 2014 MASBEDO were the feature of a solo show at Turin’s Fondazione Merz, a space dedicated to art bridging painting and sculpture. MASBEDO have also worked with video-performances to engage their audience within the creative space and gestures created by the video itself.  They will further explore this “live” aspect this coming fall directing and designing sets for the Arena di Verona’s production of Mozart’s “Die Zauberfloete.”
Milan, 1999

Past Exhibitions

Hyper Visuality. Film & Video Art from the Wemhöner Collection

Palazzo Dugnani 04/04/2019 — 14/04/2019

L’Ultima Cena dopo Leonardo

Fondazione Stelline
02/04/2019 — 30/06/2019

Masbedo: Videomobile

Palazzo Costantino 17/06/2018 — 04/11/2018

Masbedo: Handle with Care

Reggia di Venaria Reale 29/10/2016 — 15/01/2017

Sound in Space

various venues in Siena 08/07/2016 — 31/08/2016

Contacts & Details

City of birth: Milan Country of birth: Italy Date of birth: 1999 Lives in: Milan, Italy
Studio: Via Gentilino 6
20136, Milan, Italy
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