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Top Artists To Collaborate with Murano Glass House for the Venice Biennale

2 years ago

Fondazione Berengo launches a new edition of “GLASSTRESS”, an exhibition that will be held in two different Venetian venues: Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti and in a converted Murano fornace Factory on Murano Island.

For this upcoming Biennale, Fondazione Berengo has involved some of the most leading contemporary artists to collaborate with the Murano artisans in a close dialogue to create new works made of Murano glass. The list comprehends 27 artists that come all around the world and includes, amongst others, Ai Wei Wei, Paul McCarthy, Sarah Sze, Ugo Rondinone, Dustin Yellinthey . All of them will collaborate under the curatorial guidance of Dimitry Ozerkof, Herwig Kempinger, and Adriano Berengo.

This year, “Glasstress” will also show up some installations created by the Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen, as pieces by Brigitte Kowanz and Erwin Wurm, who are representing the Austrian Pavilion, in Giardini, and whose works will be on display outside and in the interiors rooms of Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti. In addition, the Murano Glass Factory will be taken over by the artist Loris Gréaud with his site specific installation “The Unplayed Notes Factory”.



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  • Ai Weiwei Ai Weiwei
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  • Ugo Rondinone Ugo Rondinone