Museo Nacional de Arte – MUNAL

Because of its collection and exhibit conditions, along with the quality of the national and international exhibitions presented in its rooms, the National Museum of Art is a space that enhances the audience with new experiences for their deeper comprehension and aesthetic enjoyment of the arts.

The National Museum of Art preserves, exhibits, studies and transmits Mexican works of art produced between the second half of the XVI century and 1954, thus offering a global and synthesized vision of Mexican Art from this period.

This museum, the prior Communications and Public Works Palace, is one of the most accomplished and representative buildings of the early XX century Mexican architecture and it is located in the heart of Mexico City´s downtown historic center.

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T: +52 8647-5430
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Tacuba 8 Centro Histórico

Past Exhibitions
Los Modernos
The exhibition “Los Modernos” will offer the public an overview of the development of modern...
11 Nov 2015 - 03 Apr 2016
Donación de la familia Maples Arce Vermeersch
The National Institute of Fine Arts, through the National Museum of Art, pays tribute to the Maples Arce...
16 Mar 2016 - 07 Aug 2016
Cannibalism and modernity Brazilian Art in the Fadel Collection. 1908-1979
This exhibition provides an overview of the various modern movements linked to the cultural construction...
08 Jun 2016 - 28 Aug 2016
Otto Dix: Violencia y Pasión
The Secretaría de Cultura presents, as part of some of the most important activities of the Dual Year...
11 Oct 2016 - 15 Jan 2017
Museo Nacional de Arte – MUNAL presents “Melancolía [Melancholy]”, a group exhibition...
05 Apr 2017 - 09 Jul 2017
Por los Siglos de los Siglos
The exhibition presents a dialogue between the works of the renowned contemporary artist Bosco Sodi and...
30 Jul 2017 - 05 Nov 2017