Founded in 2012, Pivô is a non-profit cultural organization that operates as a platform for exchange programs and artistic experimentation.

Edifício Copan, Avenida Ipiranga, 200, Republica

Pivô is a non-profit cultural organization and an independent space for art and research, which try to spread artists’ ideas and proposals.

It tries to enhance the peculiarities of each project, by setting up and producing exhibitions, specific projects and interventions

Located in the culturally dynamic downtown district of São Paulo, the centre proposes itself as an exchange space, where a constant dialogue between creators, theorists, students and the public on a national and international level is made possible.

It tries as well to promote new models of management and funding for artists, critics and cultural producers.

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri, sat 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm

mon, sun

T: +55 11 3255 8703
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Edifício Copan, Avenida Ipiranga, 200, Republica

Past Exhibitions
Ana Mazzei: O Monólito e a Sentinela
The show inaugurates the program Hello.Again, which aims to create a dialogue with the street in front...
24 Feb 2015 - 09 May 2015
Lucas Arruda: Deserto‐Modelo
“Deserto-Modelo” is a site-specific installation project developed for one of the Pivô Pesquisa...
06 Apr 2015 - 30 May 2015
Paloma Bosquê: The Unsettling
The third edition of Hello.Again, a program that has the aim to introduce the space and greet Pivô’s...
28 Aug 2015 - 19 Dec 2015
Tonico Lemos Auad: O Que Não Tem Conserto
“O Que Não Tem Conserto”, curated by Kiki Mazzuchelli, is the first solo exhibition in a...
06 Apr 2015 - 30 May 2015
Apodi 69
The group show Apodi 69 came from the desire of a group of artists to do an exhibition together for...
19 Sep 2015 - 07 Nov 2015
Que coisa é? A conversation
As a part of the Annual Plan of Activities for 2014, in September, Pivô will present the project Que...
31 Aug 2014 - 01 Nov 2014
Frederico Filippi: Fogo na Babilônia
For his first solo show in an institutional space in São Paulo, Fogo na Babilônia [Fire in Babylon],...
07 Nov 2015 - 19 Dec 2015
Erika Verzutti: Swan, Cucumber, Dinosaur
Pivô presents Erika Verzutti’s solo exhibition “Swan, Cucumber, Dinosaur” as part of its...
03 Apr 2016 - 28 May 2016
Francesco João Scavarda: Everything tends to ascend. Or not.
Francesco João Scavarda starts Hello.Again 2016 program with an exhibition divided into two steps: in...
21 May 2016 - 31 Aug 2016
Haroon Mirza: Solo Show
For its 2016 Annual Exhibition Program, Pivô presents a solo show by artist Haroon Mirza, an exhibition...
02 Jul 2016 - 13 Aug 2016
Ivens Machado: Raw of the world
The exhibition “Raw of the world” brings together a set of sculptures, videos and drawings...
06 Sep 2016 - 05 Nov 2016
Mycorial Theater: A Project curated by Paulina Olowska and Milovan Farronato
Pivô presents, inside Pivô Research Program, the project Mycorial Theater, curated by Polish artist...
01 Sep 2016 - 07 Sep 2016
Mycorial Theatre 2016
“Mycorial Theatre” is a quasi-symposium curated by Milovan Farronato and Paulina Olowska...
01 Sep 2016 - 07 Sep 2016
Rita Vidal: Abismo
As part of the project “Hello.Again”, focused on the production of emerging artists, Pivô...
04 Sep 2016 - 17 Dec 2016
Alexandre da Cunha: Boom
Pivô presents a solo exhibition featuring new and previous works by the artist Alexandre da Cunha....
01 Apr 2017 - 10 Jun 2017
Dan Coopey: Interiors
On the program’s first edition in 2017, Dan Coopey presents his new project: Interiors. Based in London,...
01 Jun 2017 - 31 Aug 2017
Leticia Ramos: História Universal dos Terremotos (Universal History of the Earthquakes)
The project is the result of a research developed in 2016 with Botín Foundation Arts Grant, destined...
02 Sep 2018 - 27 Oct 2018
Rodrigo Hernández: The Real World Does Not Take Flight
In his practice, Hernández deals with many languages such as drawing, painting, sculpture and installation...
02 Sep 2018 - 27 Oct 2018