Overnight: 24 hours in contemporary art, 30 Apr 2016 — 02 Oct 2016

Overnight: 24 hours in contemporary art

In the era in which technology and the internet have changed our perception of reality, the concept of time and resists even rhythm to our lives in accordance with criteria and thanks to tools that have been created by man hundreds of years ago .

Our calendar is still based on the Gregorian calendar, introduced by over four hundred years, the day has for centuries marked by twenty-four hours, and the tool we use to calculate it is still the clock, to whom we entrust the organization of our staff time and collective.

The exhibition mainly focuses on today  on the passage of time in the day, a portion of this controllable. At MACRO they are exposed about seventy masterpieces of modern and contemporary art by Italian and foreign artists, who were born from the reflection on the role of time in our lives and the means of which man has to calculate it , focusing clock and calendar. In their variety, these works embrace many forms and languages, painting, photography, video, writing diary, music, embroidery, digital processing of data, representing inspiring passages for meditation.

The selected works suggest some thematic routes: Rhythms ( Balla, Cambellotti, Paolini, Camoni, Romualdi, Mayr, Patella ); Today, Tomorrow ( Boetti, Cerol , Mattiacci, Spinelli ); working days ( Opalka, Pietrella, Adami, Blank, Giovannoni ) ; Date ( On Kawara, Vezzoli, Darboven, Comani ); Special dates ( De Dominicis, Closky, Albani, Sebregondi, Bertozzi & Casoni, Pignotti  Fois ); Calendars ( Boetti, Novelli, Miccini, Ori, Ghirri, Abate, Mambor, Mari, Cattelan, Neuenschwander, Camoni ); Diaries ( Breakwell, Rubio, AOS ); Steps ( Vaccari, Vautier, Baruchello Benetta ) ; 24 hours ( Almond, Shemilt & Partridge, Camporesi ) .

There will be site-specific works by artists of Manfredi Beninati, Daniele Puppi and Caccavale.

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