Gianfranco Baruchello

Scrivere Disegnando
"Writing by Drawing - When Language Seeks Its Other" is an exhibition about writing and its shadow side
29 Jan 2020 - 23 Aug 2020
Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève
Gianfranco Baruchello: New Works
For his first enthralling exhibition at Massimo De Carlo the artist will premiere a series of works realized...
13 Oct 2015 - 21 Nov 2015
Massimo De Carlo London
Arthrise: Pre-Ecological Visions in Italian Art 1967-73
With its new exhibition Earthrise, the PAV aims to extend its investigations into the genealogy of the relationship...
06 Nov 2015 - 21 Feb 2016
PAV Torino
L’Inarchiviabile/The Unarchivable
FM Centre for Contemporary Art opens on April 7, 2016 with the exhibition L’Inarchiviabile/The...
08 Apr 2016 - 15 Jun 2016
FM Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea
Overnight: 24 hours in contemporary art
In the era in which technology and the internet have changed our perception of reality, the concept of...
30 Apr 2016 - 02 Oct 2016
Paesaggio di paesaggi
Galleria Bianconi hosts “Paesaggio di paesaggi”, a group show that through photographs, paintings,...
13 Dec 2016 - 28 Jan 2017
Galleria Bianconi
Gianfranco Baruchello: Greenhouse
At Palazzo Belgioso, Milan, Massimo De Carlo stages Gianfranco Baruchello‘s last solo exhibit,...
25 Jan 2016 - 18 Mar 2017
Massimo De Carlo, Palazzo Belgioioso
Una colletiva
The gallery’s second exhibition of this year is dedicated to the own represented artists: Accardi,...
16 Mar 2017 - 15 Apr 2017
Galleria Tonelli
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