Actions, Strategies and Situations in MAM’s Colections, 28 Feb 2015 — 03 May 2015

Actions, Strategies and Situations in MAM’s Colections

The exhibition curated by Marta Mestre comprehends forty works belonging to MAM RJ’s collection. It presents pieces accomplished outside traditional art media, from sixteen artists from Brazil, Germany, USA and Taiwan, like Brazilians Artur Barrio, Marcia X, Marcius Galan, Cildo Meireles and Lygia Clark.

According to Mestre, the exhibition is a way of showing MAM RJ’s commitment with experimental artistic proposals every since the 1960s. “There is, in the collections of MAM RJ, a focus in the production of artists that reinterpret the place of the artwork (its artistic presence), in which the object loses its relevance in regards of the language or the experience. This exhibition approaches such issues without attempting to label as ‘conceptual’ the artists gathered here, but grouping several materials that question certain traditional and accepted notions of the

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