Lembre-se de Lembrar, 15 Mar 2016 — 28 May 2016

Lembre-se de Lembrar

Carbono Galeria, Rua Joaquim Antunes, 59, Jd. Paulistano

Carbono Galeria present the opening of the exhibition “Lembre-se de Lembrar”. The Chilean curator Alexia Tala selected artists, who were born or live in Latin America and present their political, religious, aesthetic and economic views by employing different media, including video, painting, collage, photography and sculpture.

The exhibition “Lembre-se de Lembrar: an approach of Latin American artists to its history“, discusses issues through reports that articulate the history of Latin America and their memories in a time where past history as a discipline can be considered rhetoric, incomplete or even fictional. How was this story written? How many micro-stories within the big story, could be counted without being registered?

Regardless all of the political ideologies that were dominant at that time, opposition was silenced and repressed. After so much silence, the Latin American identity has a lot to say. Each of the artists in their own way, has established different views, fiction and criticism. The artists represented:  Alberto Baraya (Columbia), Alfredo Jaar (Chile), Carlos Garaicoa (Cuba), Carlos Motta (Columbia), Enrique Ramirez (Chile), Glenda Leon (Cuba), Karlo Andrei (Porto Rico), Lotty Rosenfeld (Chile), Melanie Smith (England) e Sandra Gamarra (Peru).

Contacts & Details
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T: +55 11 4564 8400
M: info@carbonogaleria.com.br

Carbono Galeria, Rua Joaquim Antunes, 59, Jd. Paulistano

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