San Marino (Republic of) 2022, 23 Apr 2022 — 27 Nov 2022
National Participations

San Marino (Republic of) 2022

Postumano Metamorfico

Palazzo Donà Dalle Rose, Cannaregio 5038

Title: Postumano Metamorfico
Commissioner: Riccardo Varini
Curator: Vincenzo Rotondo
Scientific Committee: Alessandro Bianchini, Cristian Contini, Roberto Felicetti, Fulvio Granocchia, Pasquale Lettieri, James Putnam, Riccardo Varini, Angela Vettese
Exhibitors: Elisa Cantarelli, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Roberto Paci Dalò, Endless, Michelangelo Galliani, Rosa Mundi, Anne-Cécile Surga, Michele Tombolini

At the 59th Venice Biennale, San Marino presents “Postumano Metamorfico“, an exhibition that features 8 artists presenting 80 artworks that explore the human body from a post-human perspective. Post-human philosophies investigate ways to prolong life, heal diseases, transform physical characteristics, hybridize or manufacture new species, implement the metamorphosis of one body into another. These changes are progressively becoming a reality thanks to biotechnologies and synthetic biology.

Contacts & Details

Palazzo Donà Dalle Rose

Tue – Sun, 10am – 1pm/2pm – 6pm

Palazzo Donà Dalle Rose, Cannaregio 5038
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