Àlma Venùs

Written by Jessica Stella
July 20, 2022

On July 16th, the Planeta Winery in Buonivini, in the hills of the Val di Noto, will host the opening night of the second edition of Planeta Sessions, Sounds and Art between Heaven and Earth: a project realised by Planeta with Radiceterna Arte e Ambiente in collaboration with Lightbox. The project was conceived by Ignazio Mortellaro and Germano Centorbi in 2020 with the intention of consolidating the bond between Planeta and the surrounding territory, through the hybrid encounter between two of the most contemporary languages: art and music. During the evening, the organisers and promoters of the event will speak and the exhibition project entitled Àlma Venùs, curated by Ignazio Mortellaro and Mara Sartore, on display until 10 October 2022, will also be presented.
The tasting of Planeta wines produced in this territory will be accompanied by a DJ set by Aighiv, a deejay who lives and works in Palermo, whose live sets, made with the use of mixing instruments and digital and analogue sound sources, explore sound from Ambient to Techno. Sunset will be followed by a live performance by The Fruitful Darkness, an avant-garde jazz duo with Tony Buck and Gianni Gebbia.

On August 6th, the contemporary art exhibition curated by Ignazio Mortellaro and Mara Sartore, Àlma Venùs, dedicated to Venus – Aphrodite for the Greeks – goddess of beauty and love born from the foam of the sea, in Latin culture she is the protector of nature; Venus among the stars is the third brightest planet in the sky after the Sun and the Moon. Just as the Latin poet Lucretius, in his famous poem De Rerum Natura, invokes Venus as his guide, begging her alone to follow his writing – she who governs the nature of things and without whom nothing happy or lovable is produced – the Àlma Venùs exhibition is a contemporary ‘Hymn to Venus’, whose presence is the thread that unites the works of Luca Cutrufelli, Ignazio Mortellaro, Giovanni Ozzola, Matilde Sambo, Lucia Veronesi and Lorenzo Vitturi, enlivening the spaces of the Buonivini Winery.
For the opening evening, sound explorations by internationally renowned musicians will intersect organically with the exhibition.

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