Museu de Arte Brasileira MAB-FAAP

Founded in 1960, the museum has been housing remarkable art expos either by Brazilian or international artists, including traveling shows coming from the main museums in the world.

The Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado‘s Museum of Brazilian Arts (MAB-FAAP) presents a collection of over three thousand Brazilian works of art such as photographs, sculptures, engravings, paintings, among others, from the end of the 19th century until contemporary art. Among the main artists are Anita Malfatti, Victor Brecheret, Di Cavalcanti, Oswaldo Goeldi, Lasar Segall, Pancetti, Portinari, Alfredo Volpi, Cícero Dias, Tomie Ohtake, Arcângelo Ianelli, Flávio de Carvalho, Lygia Clark and Burle Marx, among others.

Founded in 1960, MAB has been housing remarkable art expos either by Brazilian or international artists, including traveling shows coming from the main museums in the world.


Contacts & Details
mon, wed, thu, fri 10:00 am – 7:00 pm; sat, sun 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


T: +55 11 3662 7198
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Rua Alagoas, 903, Higienópolis

Past Exhibitions
46th Anual de Arte FAAP
The Anual de Arte FAAP is organized by Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, since 1964, to present the...
10 Nov 2014 - 09 Feb 2015
Das capitanias do seu corpo
The Bachelors in Visual Arts Exhibition Program present since 2007 the production of artists recently...
20 Sep 2014 - 05 Dec 2014
Mario Testino: In Your Face
The “In Your Face” exhibition – shown at Boston’s Fine Arts Museum in 2012 and...
29 Aug 2014 - 26 Oct 2014
The “Pérolas” exhibit, organised by Qatar Museums, will be released in Museu de Arte Brasileira...
20 Jul 2014 - 28 Sep 2014
Françoise Schein – A artista dos Direitos Humanos no MAB-FAAP
This retrospective presents photographic records of the most relevant works created by artist and architect...
22 Sep 2015 - 22 Nov 2015
20th Century: MAB Collection
The exhibition presents a panorama of Brazilian modern and contemporary art through a selection of the...
18 Aug 2015 - 25 Oct 2015
China: Tradição e Modernidade
The exhibition China: Tradição e Modernidade [China: Tradition and Modernity] celebrates the 11th anniversary...
25 Sep 2015 - 31 Oct 2015
47th Anual de Arte FAAP
Since 1964, the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado FAAP has hosted this annual art show, the Anual de...
23 Nov 2015 - 10 Feb 2016
The Saga of Reinstallation of Elections in 1945: History and Culture of 70 Years of Redemocratization in Brazil
Conducted by Museu de Arte Brasileira (MAB-FAAP) and TSE Museum in São Paulo, the exhibition A saga...
07 Aug 2015 - 06 Aug 2016
Eterna Trilogia
Museu de Arte Brasileira FAAP presents the exhibition “Eterna Trilogia” featuring 103 works...
15 Feb 2017 - 10 Dec 2017
Museu de Arte Brasileira MAB-FAAP presents the exhibition “Obras-primas [Masterpieces]”,...
15 Feb 2017 - 30 Apr 2017
A cor não tem fim: pinturas e tapeçarias de Jacques Douchez (Never-ending color: paintings and tapestries by Jacques Douchez)
The exhibition is an example of the visual primacy of colors, given their abundance and the diversity...
17 Jan 2018 - 16 Dec 2018
P/B: Acervo MAB (B&W: MAB Collection)
“B&W – MAB Collection” features 71 works divided into two parts: one highlighting...
17 Jan 2018 - 16 Dec 2018