Tudo Joia, 28 Oct 2016 — 26 Nov 2016

Tudo Joia

The “Tudo Joia” exhibition’s concept is introducing a view of the production of the 20th century artists who, under several intentions, conceived and conceive their creations by having the body as a support of the artistic thinking. Under the Bergamin & Gomide curatorship and with the collaboration of the Rafael Moraes antiquarian, the exhibition will be held from October 28 to November 26 at the Bergamin & Gomide Gallery, in Jardins, São Paulo. The architect Marieta Ferber subscribes specific design for the exhibition.

There will be about 60 pieces on display, including modernist creations such as those created by Di Cavalvanti and Burle Marx, the contemporary works by Antonio Dias and Roy Lichtenstein with his lush Pop Art, and artworks by other artists who created for the first time exclusively for the exhibition. In all, nearly 40 artists will exhibit their treasures of silver, gold and other noble materials – or not so noble. However, the cast’s diversity also assures diversified and, most importantly, timeless pieces.

For Antonia Bergamin, who is responsible for the gallery and one of the exhibition’s curators, this exhibition is a special moment. “I also want to introduce an aspect of the artists’ production that few people know. In a strong way, “Tudo Joia” is an exhibition for curious people. At some point, many artists we know and admire have ventured in the drawing of usable objects, and just few people know that, because it’s something that is specific and experimental. The exhibition is an opportunity to see those pieces gathered in one place and understand how they relate to the rest of the artist’s production,” concluded Antonia.

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