Masbedo: Kite
The artistic duo MASBEDO returns to Manifesta 12., in Palermo, with the video-audio performance titled...
25 Oct 2018 - 25 Oct 2018
Il Traffico
A project by Collective Intelligence Artists Group, this is part of 5x5x5 programme events of Manifesta...
04 Oct 2018 - 04 Nov 2018
Didem Erk: I wish I could not be Traced in the Archives
I wish I could not be traced in the archives (Secret Decipherer) (2013) was a project which confronts...
04 Oct 2018 - 04 Nov 2018
The Hidden City
Project Name: The Hidden City. A workshop, a series of public talks and a book Accademia di Belle Arti...
10 Sep 2018 - 17 Sep 2018
Victor Ruiz-Colomer & Joe Highton co-curate a series of mobile events in Palermo and the projects...
01 Sep 2018 - 30 Sep 2018
Ingruttati Palermo
Organised by Hydrocity and the Polytechnic University of Palermo, Ingruttati Palermo is a workshop...
20 Jul 2018 - 29 Jul 2018
Practices of ‘Unlearning’: Coloniality, Knowledge and Migration
Organised by African Leadership University (Mauritius), Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (Qatar), Practices...
25 Jun 2018 - 01 Jul 2018
Decolonizing Architecture Advance Course
The Heritage of fascist architecture, dossier for the critical reuse of the Casa del Mutilato in Palermo....
18 Jun 2018 - 20 Jun 2018
Berlinde De Bruyckere
Galleria Continua presents Berlinde de Bruyckere as part of 5x5x5 galleries programme. The artist has...
16 Jun 2018 - 04 Nov 2018
The Garden of Forking Paths
Organised by MASS Alexandria and part of the 5x5x5 schools programme of Manifesta 12, The Garden of Forking...
15 Jun 2018 - 24 Jun 2018
Simon Starling: La Decollazione (The Decollation)
Simon Starling with Galleria Franco Noero present La Decollazione (The Decollation) as part of the Manifesta12...
15 Jun 2018 - 04 Nov 2018
If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change
Organised by Annet Gelink Gallery and curated by Martin van Zomeren, for the 5x5x5 Manifesta 12 galleries...
14 Jun 2018 - 14 Aug 2018
Marcello Maloberti: Circus Revival 2018
After its first appearance in Palermo in 2007, Circus returns to Piazza Garraffello on June 14th. Beginning...
14 Jun 2018 - 14 Jun 2018
Ceiba Garden Project
Lia Rumma Gallery presents the CEIBA Garden Project for Manifesta12 5x5x5 programme.  Ceiba, a plant...
14 Jun 2018 - 30 Nov 2018
May the Bridges I Burn Light the Way
Curated by María Inés Plaza Lazo in collaboration with Alina Kolar, Dalia Maini & Christian Siekmeier. EXILE...
13 Jun 2018 - 17 Jun 2018
#Commons. Cartografia del desiderio, Tunis, Tunisia
Organised by Collectif Corps Citoyen, Commons is one of the 5x5x5 artists project of Manifesta 12 in...